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The Top 4 Health Benefits of Turmeric 

Turmeric has been all the buzz in the health and wellness scene over the last few years. As more people are turning to diet and natural supplementation to help control inflammation, and support overall health, more light is being shed on just how great turmeric is for health. 

Here are the top four health benefits of turmeric and how to add a little to your diet each day. 

The Top 4 Health Benefits of Turmeric 

#1 Turmeric is Packed Full of Anti-inflammatory Health Benefits: One of the most well-known benefits of turmeric happens to be its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found that the anti-inflammatory activity turmeric holds may be due to its ability to help inhibit certain molecules in the body that can trigger inflammation. Here’s just one big reason to consider adding turmeric to your diet. 

#2 Turmeric is Nature’s Best Pain Reliever: Due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric has been found to hold some pain-relieving benefits. In fact, it may be especially beneficial for those with arthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, turmeric may help prevent joint inflammation, and a prevention in inflammation is key to preventing pain. 

#3 Turmeric May Help Support The Immune System: If you are looking for natural ways to boost the immune system during cold and flu season, turmeric may be able to help. Many studies have looked at turmeric, and its impact on the immune system and have found that turmeric holds immunomodulating properties, and may help support the activation of important immune cells to help keep the immune system strong. 

#4 Turmeric May Help Support Gut Health: Optimal gut health is central to the overall health of the body, and turmeric may be able to give your gut a boost. As more studies look at just how great this superfood spice is for the body, a new study found that turmeric may be able to provide support to the gut microbiota. Any way you can support the healthy bacteria in your gut is an ideal way to help support overall wellness. 

How to Add a Little Bit of Turmeric to Your Diet Daily 

Make golden milk: If you find yourself reaching for a warm beverage to help wind down your day before bed each night, consider sipping on a mug of golden milk. You can make golden milk with one cup of full-fat unsweetened coconut milk,  ½ tsp. of ground turmeric, a pinch of ground ginger, a sprinkle of cracked black pepper, and one teaspoon of raw honey. Whisk everything together, sip, and enjoy. 

Sprinkle turmeric into your morning coffee: An easy and delicious way to get this powerful anti-inflammatory spice into your diet is to add it to your morning cup of coffee. You can sprinkle some right into your morning cup of joe for an added anti-inflammatory boost. 

Add turmeric to your smoothies: If you’re a big smoothie fan, consider sprinkling some turmeric into your favorite smoothie recipe for an added health boost. 

The Spice We All Need For Better Health

Looking to cool inflammation and support better health? Consider adding turmeric to your diet with the addition of a little black pepper to help increase the bioavailability of this superfood spice. 

A little turmeric each day may help reduce your inflammatory load and help you feel your best. 


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